Why You Need to Build Your Brand Online

The Internet offers so many more possibilities for small businesses than ever before. The online marketing opportunities are limitless, and the chance to do it with social networks that you use everyday leaves little room for excuses to not market and build you brand online.

Referring to the infographic below, the question is asked, “Why Build Your Brand Online?” The answer is simple, because that’s where everyone is. People are going to look for information about your business all hours of the day, everyday. Give your customers the opportunity to see your brand and message at all times. Let them develop a loyalty to your business via the Internet, and the increased opportunities for revenue rewards will likely soon follow.

By developing your brand online, you are able to use a vast array of measurement tools to get to know your audience. You can see what messages, and which types of media get the most responses from your customers, as well as, what times of the day get the most activity from your Facebook Fans and hits on your website. From these measurements, not only can you better brand your message based on your customers, but you can give them the voice to support your business to others. Tailoring your message to your customers is vital to building your online brand.

Finally, I see many businesses going away from websites and strictly using social media for their online marketing. In my opinion, this is a major mistake. While the number of users on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks speak for themselves, business owners cannot assume that everyone is on these networks. You want to make sure that you are found everywhere on the Internet, and this starts and ends with a website. Your website can direct your users to all of your social networks. Also, from my experience, it is much easier keeping your brand synonymous across all platforms when you start developing your online brand with a website.

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