Why We Should Get Paid Sick Days (Infographic)

Do you get paid sick days? You certainly should. While 75% of workers claim to have gone to the office sick, working while you’re ill and contagious isn’t advisable. Going to work with a fever is one thing, but when eight million American workers showed up to work with the flu last year, another seven million were infected. With one in three workers claiming they’ll go to work no matter their physical condition, now more than ever it’s important to emphasize: Don’t go to work when you’re ill.

Many American employees claim they can’t afford to miss work due to illness. Among people making less than $25,000 per year, more than half claim that fear of lost income is the number one reason for going to work when sick or contagious. One in ten people would fall behind on their bills by taking even one sick day. What’s the solution? Employers should encourage ill employees to take a paid sick day, or let a feverish worker complete tasks from home. More than 10% of Americans believe that if they call in sick, they’re less likely to receive a raise, a promotion, and some even fear losing their job. With paid sick leave only required in Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Seattle, and San Francisco, our nation’s employers have a long way to go to encourage quality employees to take time off when they’re feeling under the weather. Don’t let the entire workforce suffer because you don’t offer sick leave. Decrease the spread of germs by letting your employees off the hook when they’re ill.

Sick Days Infographic
Source: MastersinHealthcare.com

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