What Kind of Housemate Are You? [Infographic]

In a recent study for British Telecom they found out that over 40% of people who share a house would be have to never see their house mates ever again!

It’s sad that so many people are living with people who are not a good match to their particular personality type. So Apartment Geeks decided to publish an infographic that provides a easy to  flow chart to find out what kind of housemate you are.

The last thing we want is for a party animal and a the neat freak to move in together.

what kind of housemate are you

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Full infographic available: apartmentgeeks.net/what-kind-of-housemate-are-you-infographic/

Some examples of the types of roomate you might be:

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  1. The Freeloader – similar to Jez from the British TV show – Peep Show. This rommie will never pay the rent and will just use you till they find something better.
  2. The Slob – If you have seen Notting Hill then this is very similar to the character Spike. He never cleans up and will get on the nerves on anyone who does like a clean place.
  3. The hermit – Spend all of his/her time in their bedroom and is rarley seen out of it. Could be good if you want the whole apartment to your self.
  4. The party animal – Is the complete opposite of the party animal – will stay out until the early hours and is unlikely to get their deposit back.
  5. The Thief – A rare one, this is one to watch out for but is thankfully a rare type of roomate.
  6. Neat Freak – Will clean all the time and the other roomates will rely on them to keep the place clean.
  7. The Stoner – Your parents won’t be too keen on meeting this character and the place is going to smell a little strange.
  8. The Ghost – Could be a great housemate if you want the place to yourself but don’t rely on them to offer much company.

Which housemate are you? Leave your results in the comments below.

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