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What Are the Benefits of In-Store Mobile Commerce?

What Are the Benefits of In Store Mobile Commerce? image Merchant Warehouse BenefitsofMobileCommerce business2 thumb

Our mobile phones go everywhere with us. Leaving the house without it makes you feel: naked and alone in this wonderfully crazy world we inhabit. We check our email, download new apps, and religiously check our hip friends’ Instagram & Facebook feeds that chronicle their every move – no matter how mundane or thrilling. We also take these technological wonders shopping with us, and the benefits of in-store mobile commerce are growing rapidly.

At first, mobile’s role in commerce was simply thought to allow the consumer to do research while shopping in the store, price check competitors, and then go home to make their purchase; Also known as the abominable “showrooming,” tactic.

Times are changing. As technology continues to improve security issues, consumers are having fears of getting their personal information compromised quelled. Smartphones are already beginning to turn into digital wallets. Depending on the merchant’s mobile processing system, consumers can choose between using a debit card, credit card, or e-wallet for purchases.

In-store mobile commerce is highly appealing to customers, is already taking place today, and is growing in scale every year. If you aren’t taking advantage yet, now is the time to start. (Discover alone has already installed contactless readers at 160,000 restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, and public transit agencies).

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What Are the Benefits of In Store Mobile Commerce? image Merchant Warehouse BenefitsofMobileCommerce

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  1. Showrooming is another reason why consumers are purchasing online in-store.

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