Visually Understanding the Open Space Work Environment

Gone are the days of confining cubicles — we’ve all become privy to new, more open space work environments. You see it in films like The Social Network where the Jesse Eisenberg version of Mark Zuckerberg sits in the early offices of Facebook, at a workstation that looks no different than those of his employees. We’ve seen the Gawker Media offices, a look at a new-age newsroom not confined by cubicles, instead defined by long rows of interchangeable, unassigned work stations that simultaneously foster creativity and invoke communication.

Whether it’s a discernible trend or not, new research by the folks over at Plantronics note that 60% of offices have unassigned work spaces, and 2/3 of American office space now uses open space to some degree. A Glaxo survey, cited in the Plantronics visual below, notes that the change to an open-space office environment decreased email traffic by over 50%, and decision-making increased by 25%.

Here’s a visual, more robust look at different facets of the open work space:

Infographic by Plantronics

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