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Visualizing the Long-term Impact of Good Customer Service

Based off of data from a Dimensional Research survey, Zendesk has pieced together a data visualization on the long-term impact of good and bad customer service.

The figures draw some interesting conclusions, including the idea that high-income households have the least tolerance for bad customer service experience and 95% of surveyors who were presented with a negative customer service situation with share the experience with a friend. Drastic data even surfaced that 55% of surveyors said they switched to a different company for a similar product or service after having a bad customer service experience.

Here’s a look at high-level impacts of good and bad customer service:

Visualizing the Long term Impact of Good Customer Service image good bad ugly customer service

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  1. Unfortunately, the numbers on percent who switch due to poor service aren’t instructive, because we don’t know over what period, how many companies dealt with, and how many times bad service DIDN’T result in a customer leaving. So this severely over-estimates the effect of poor service. This may be on point:

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