Video Is the New Face of Content Marketing [Infographic]

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  • This is 100% correct, yet what we are seeing more and more of is very low quality video production. It seems that companies understand the need for content, but are unwilling to build quality. Their brand suffers and their message suffers.

  • Thank you, John, for your comment. You have mentioned a very true thing – many companies now use a low quality videos for their content marketing. And that’s even not a question of paying more or less. I know few agencies that charge very reasonable prices but still produce high-quality work.
    I assume that marketing managers of these companies (with low-quality videos) still doesn’t have a feel what is high-quality work and don’t demand this from video production agencies. Hopefully, with a further increase of video content people will see more and more good examples and soon the quality of corporate videos will increase too.

  • I’ve been building “Product Tours” for over 12 years now. I was making them before we had such great video compression and used a lot of Flash and tween animation to create video-like experiences.

    Myself, I’m looking to get out of the business. People need videos more than ever, but the market has become saturated with “desktop videographers” who are willing to offer rates such as $1000 for a minute of finished video.

    Of course, they don’t often come close to the quality I maintain, however similar to the desktop publishing early era, the accessibility of the tools to make videos has created a huge amount of want-to-be video creators.

    I am sure that it will shake itself out over time. And there is great talent out there. More than not though, paying someone $4,000 to $6,000 for a 1 to 2 minute video will get you the minimum quality you’ll want, delivered in a time frame you’ll like.

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