Why Use Search Engine Optimization to Your Business? (Infographic)

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization or SEO before. You’ve probably read somewhere that it is good for business and that it will make your website easily found in search engines such as Google. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually a systematic process of making your site become more search engine friendly and relevant to a number of keywords that are related to your market. It’s a continuous process that if done properly can yield good amounts of benefits for your business. So why do we need to use this process for our business?

The infographic:

Why Use Search Engine Optimization to Your Business

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  • Matt Coffy says:

    Great work on the infographic! I appreciate how well-arranged it is so that people who are new to this kind of stuff would have a better grasp on it. It’s a great reminder why a lot of business these days are successful because of SEO.

  • I think the operative word here is SEO “can” do things for your business, as a lot of the time it won’t. You have to persevere and not got discouraged by the seeming lack of results you receive (i.e. no retweets, little Facebook interest). Not getting drawn into momentary fads is another good idea, such as spending endless hours making your Pinterest page look all shiny when no one visits it anyway.

    A good infographic for beginners, though!

    • Alex, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest optimization is the main part of social media optimization (although it is somewhat related to SEO).

      And yes, I have made this infograhic with SEO beginners and business owners in mind.

  • I definitely think proper SEO could increase credibility.

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