Up in the Air: Content in the Travel and Tourism Industry [Infographic]

Listen up, readers. How many times have you consulted TripAdvisor or similar review sites before making a booking with an airline, hotel or restaurant? How many times have you scoured the Lonely Planet website before settling on a destination, or searched for relevant hashtags on Twitter to hear other people’s travel experiences? Lots of you, I’m betting.

You may not have realised it but over the past few years, when money has been tight and vacations a real luxury, increasing numbers of us are allowing content to shape our travel choices. That’s right – the content you consume is making the decision for you.

The industry is listening…

It’s no wonder then that marketers within the travel and tourism industry have caught on; creating dynamic, valuable content to help slowly push you along the vacation-buying process. EasyJet, for example, uses its ‘Inspire Me‘ tool to help people settle on a destination – creating suggestions based on their ideal holiday activities. Meanwhile, Expedia’s jam-packed YouTube channel is filled with insights into popular holiday destinations (the pizza-making video in Rome is our particular favourite) and Virgin Holidays’ special ‘USA Flydrive Holidays’ Pinterest board helps Route 66 enthusiasts plan their trip.

To better understand the real impact content is having on the travel and tourism industry, as well as the travellers themselves, we’ve pulled what we think are some of the most insightful statistics. Check out our latest infographic to dig deeper into the relationship between content and travel…

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