Thinking of Social Media Ads? How to Choose Between Facebook and LinkedIn [Infographic]

Social advertising has increasingly becoming part of marketing campaigns. Whether you consider yourself B2B or B2C, you are advertising to people and the targeting options available in social ads allow you to tailor your message to a particular segment of your audience. Both Facebook and LinkedIn ads allow you to reach an audience that is hard to pinpoint in search and regular display campaigns.

Facebook, especially since the IPO, has created so many opportunities for advertising – from building up an engaged Facebook community (and getting your posts seen) to tracking conversions on your website. Facebook’s new Conversion Tracking tool allows you to really see the impact of your campaigns – using display advertising “view-through” conversions and “click-through” conversions. If you have tried Facebook advertising in the past and did not see any results from it, you may want to reconsider it now that there will be an easier way to figure out the impact of your campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads, on the other hand, are an amazing resource to catch the professionals you want to target when they are engaged on a professional network. Think of when you are on LinkedIn – if you aren’t job searching, then you may be making connections or trying to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. If you see an ad that can assist with that, would you be more likely to click? I recommend LinkedIn Ads for lead generation for top-of-funnel assets. Instead of the hard sell to buy your product or service right then and there, nurture these leads through LinkedIn until they are ready to buy.

But which social media advertising platform is right for you – Facebook or LinkedIn? You never know: a combination of both LinkedIn and Facebook ads could be just the ticket. Search Mojo has created the infographic below to help you make that determination.


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