The Portrait Of A LinkedIn User (Infographic)

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  • It would be helpful if there was some data around the sample size and demographics. Without the context of industry, size of company, job title, I’m not sure how meaningful this data really is. These numbers will vary drastically when segmented.

    • The same holds true of any survey Teri. But in this case. the primary segment is LinkedIn User vs. Not. That in itself makes me wonder.

      For example, the statistics such as number of followers is helpful to know so that, when talking to a recruiter or salesman (who better be out building their networks!), they have an idea of how well they’re doing. Since only the top 9.3% have more than 1,000 connections, people who want a large network have a clear goal of what will get them into the top 10%!

      Sample size is not as significant a question so long as it statistically relevant. And even if we don’t know if the author did do that, Koka mentioned that the data was similar to survey data LinkedIn themselves collects.

      I think it’s well done and worth repeated periodically to see how trends might change… such as the newly low number of people using it for seeking a new job!

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