The Most Social Companies (in the Least Social Industries) [Infographic]

One of the things I tell potential clients is that being social (e.g. actively using social media) in industries that are typically viewed as less of a fit for social media can be a great way to stand out, to show thought leadership and to reach new audiences (or your existing audience in new ways).

For example, Indium corporation has been a great example of a company that embraces blogging and social media – and they’re in the solder paste business! An example of a company that I feel is doing a great job of social media and content in the B2B software space is SAP. You can see highlights of my perspective on them in this presentation on “Social Media and Intimacy” on slideshare. I’ve found that company leaders who think that none of their competitors are in social media have been very surprised when they (or we) actually investigated what others were doing.

Can we find other examples in “Non-Social Industries”?

To find out what people are doing to connect with their customers, partners and other industry stakeholders on social media in less social industries, I worked with a couple of my colleagues to pull together this infographic.

In the following infographic, you’ll see:

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  • Why you should be social, even if not everyone in your industry is on board
  • Examples of companies innovating in social media
  • Things to watch out for with social media in non-social industries

Examples that we used include companies in the following industries:

  • Medical
  • Police
  • Automotive
  • Veterinary
  • Libraries

So what do you think of being social when others are not as eager to jump in?

Social Companies in the Least Social Industries

Note: Additional credit to interns Sufian Malik (research) and Social Lantern (Matt Kallechy)

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  • Des Walsh says:

    Thanks for this.

    Check out a local success story, Australia’s Queensland (state) police on Facebook. Made its mark in the big Brisbane – and other cities – floods 2011. I love the way they have been able to get cops who are out and about to send in pictures – and the friendly style (not just formal announcements), e.g. this one I noticed today – “UPDATE: Cow in T’bar last seen around Mary/Bridge St area. Keep an eye out, she is quite distressed. #bringBessiehome #qldtraffic” (T’bar is the city of Toowoomba). Have to love the hashtags! It’s all been done very strategically and I heard a great talk on it last year by the guy responsible for managing it.

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