The Most Important Features of a Mobile-friendly Website

With mobile traffic making up 10% of all Internet use the world over (2012 figures), it is becoming increasingly important to understand how mobile users interact with website from smaller devices and craft mobile experiences accordingly.

Demandforce has pieced together a valuable chart of data on consumers’ most important mobile optimization factors depending on the type of business. For exampe, when it comes to contact information, the most important piece of information consumers want when on their mobile device is location or operation hours, which leads us to believe they may be searching on the go, and simply want to know how close they are to a particular location and if they are open or not. Click-to-call functionality came in a the second most important piece of contact information consumers wanted on a mobile site.

Here’s a complete look at the mobile-optimization landscape, what you may be missing out on, and what people are looking for when it’s time to optimize your site:


Via Demandforce

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  • Marci says:

    This speaks to me directly. I have a laptop that I NEVER use anymore other then to write a paper or update my iTunes. I search for everything in my phone and when a site isn’t mobile friendly it’s frustrating. I then usually end up just exiting out of the site, and search for a new one.

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