The Money Behind Retro Tech [Infographic]


One of the six Apple 1 computers that still work today was recently sold at an auction for more than $650,000. The rare model was sold along with its original instruction book and a letter signed by Steve Jobs and addressed to Fred Hatfield, the first owner of the antique device. The amount of money achieved exceeded previous sales of old computers, turning this gadget into one of the most valuable in the retro tech market. Yes, that’s a thing!

Even the expectations of the German company in charge of the auction were exceeded. They knew that the piece was much more than just an old computer: it was considered a true symbol of the American dream, created by two university dropouts that pursued their idea and achieved an unparalleled success.

The Apple 1 was the first model built by Steve Jobs and the company’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak. The two entrepreneurs used the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents and completed their project in 1976. The computer, which still works, was part of an order with 50 commissioned units, sold by the chain of stores Byte Shop, owned by Paul Terrel. At the time, each one of them was worth around $660 dollars.

Besides these six functional Apple 1 models, it’s believed that there are other 44 units spread throughout the world. And even these items can enter the great market of retro gadgets, which gathers the most passionate fans of the old tech days. They are the ones that are willing to spend thousands of dollars in a single old video game like “Air Raid”, produced in 1984. This title, created by Men-A-Vision, was a true success back in the day. Maybe that’s why someone paid $31,600 for a single copy. Maybe in 50 years we will be selling our old Google Glass to a crazy collector!


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