The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013 [Infographic]

Digital marketing as a whole has become one of the biggest and most focused on streams of marketing in the last few years. Businesses of all sizes are finally catching on that if their marketing efforts are going to be successful, they need to have a strong digital arm. 3 of the biggest digital marketing streams today include social network marketing, mobile, SMS marketing, and content marketing. Here’s a brief look at each…

Social Network Marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should be familiar with Social networking.  As a marketing, you can rely on social media to connect, engage, and build relationships with current and potential customers.

Mobile / SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is a term that covers several different methods of marketing through mobile devices. Mobile marketing can take several different shapes but one of the most popular is SMS marketing.

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SMS marketing utilizes opt-in text messages to broadcast promotions and info to customers. It essentially turns their phones into a “mobile coupon” that you can pitch to them whenever your business needs it most. It’s highly effective and fairly in-expensive.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the development of interesting and helpful materials that you can share in efforts to engage current and potential customers. Examples of content can be blogs, infographics, online tools, YouTube videos etc. Lately, content marketing has received a lot of attention as Google and other search engines are now rewarding websites that produce quality content for their users. If your company has an SEO strategy and content marketing doesn’t occupy a solid part of it, you should definitely consider it.

This infographic,  “The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013”,  displays some eye-opening statistics about these 3 digital marketing streams and might get you thinking more about including these streams into your marketing mix.

The Digital Marketing Trio

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