The Data Footprint We Leave Behind [Infographic]

You may be know that different generations leave behind a carbon footprint, but did you know they also leave behind what’s known as a data footprint? Every individual and every generation leaves behind a digital footprint, which is a term used to denote the sum of activities and behaviours that take place in a digital environment. Since the beginning of time until the year 2003, humans generated five billion gigabytes worth of data. What’s the situation like today? Today, we generate that amount of data every two days. By next year, we’ll generate that much data every 10 minutes!

The Millennial generation (18-29) has a total data footprint of 54.6 gigs/month. This crowd watches the least amount of television but is most connected to the Internet. This generation tends to use mobile devices and smartphones and connect wirelessly to the Internet. The Millennials lean toward Apple products.

Generation X (30-49) consumes the most online video and spends the most overall time online. This group enjoys using e-readers, tablets, and Android devices. Generation X is just about even with the Millennials when it comes to desktop/laptop and broadband/wireless preference. Generation X leaves behind the largest data footprint at 59.5 gigs/months.

The Boomers (50-64) are a bit more old school—they enjoy desktops, wired Internet connections, and television. They leave behind a digital footprint of 44.8 gigs/month, which is less than the overall footprint left behind by the Millennials and Generation X.

To learn more about the data footprint different generations leave behind, take a look at the infographic below that comes to you from Wikibon.

The Data Footprint We Leave Behind [Infographic] image wikibon data footprint4

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