The Cost of Commuting [Infographic]


The average worker spends 197 hours each year commuting to work, with 25% taking more than an hour to reach their destination. With ever increasing rail fares and fuel prices, our infographic looks at ways to save money on your daily commute.

Commuters travelling around London using Travelcards or Oyster cards overpay on fares by around £200 million every year by not buying the cheapest tickets. Take a look at the facts and figures on our infographic, and see if you could be making a saving by switching the type of ticket you buy.

Travelling by rail is more relaxing than driving, but the average annual season ticket is over £2,000 which is an increase of around 50% over the past decade. Cycling to work will keep you fit, as well as saving a lot of money, especially if you can take advantage of the govenment’s Bike2Work scheme.

The majority of us prefer to use our cars, so we have put together this infographic to show various ways in which it is possible to cut down on motoring costs. One easy option is to car share either with work colleagues, or with neighbours travelling to the same destination. Figures show there are around 10 million empty seats in cars on the road every day and that by car sharing the average person could save £800 per year.

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If sharing your personal space with relative strangers doesn’t appeal, there are other ways to save money on your car journey. Learning to drive more efficiently can cut fuel costs by around 30% without adding any extra time onto your trip. By making a few sensible alterations it is possible to improve your car’s overall efficiency by up to 16%, which will benefit not only your commute to work but all your other journeys as well. 


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