The State of Google Plus [Infographic]

The State of Google Plus [Infographic]

Google+ is the social platform launched by Google in 2011: today it has passed 1 billion registered users and counting.

Google+ is in line to surpass Facebook and become the most widely used social network in the world, which is why we decided to analyze its growth in terms of registered users, behavior and activity online (i.e. interacting with content in the stream by sharing or creating it).

We have this handy, short guide to using Google+ here.

The most striking statistics were put into an infographic in which we compare global data to the numbers relative to the UK market.

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Here are few of the key findings (based on the Global Web Index data):

  • The number of active and registered users is growing quarter-by-quarter, but the % of active users is decreasing (51% in Q42012, 32% in Q42013)
  • UK registered vs active users ratio is quite steady (around 30%)
  • Mobile is having a great impact in Google+ usage: there are more than 200 million active users via mobile worldwide (that’s 56.2%)
  • The time spent on the stream is nearly doubled (3.30 min vs 6.47 min), but people are using Google+ mostly out of it (interacting through other Google’s services – i.e. Youtube)
  • Every week 1.5 billion images are uploaded on Google+
  • 68% of Google+ users upload and share photos, 54% use the platform in order to stay in touch with their friends/contacts, 42% to interact with brands
  • 70% of Top 100 Interbrands is using Google+


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