When Social Media Isn’t Enough

Social media has multiplied the reach of brands everywhere, but data shows that this is not the best place to build deep relationships with customers.  Although exposure is great, customers want a brand they can trust and this trust is gained when customers are so satisfied that they want to tell the world.  Social media is a great starting place for customers to discover a brand, but there is more work to be done after this point.

In this infographic by Get Satisfaction, data shows that 46% of customers vent their frustration with a company online.  On the bright side, 97% of these disputes can transform unhappy customers into advocates for the company when customer service is proactive.  Check out more valuable data below, where you will learn more ways to spread the word about your brand’s content.  Learn how to turn customers into advocates who will turn onlookers into more customers.


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  • Such a great infographic, thank you for sharing!

    I completely agree – social media presence is crucial, but it is also important to be proactive rather than reactive, and reach out to potential customers with helpful advice before the issue may or may not take place.

  • Nice infographics. Creating multiple accounts in social media is not enough.You have to engage with your valued customers and ask for feedback to improve your service or product.

  • Great infographic, Kelsey. Seems you can’t do any one thing anymore. Just seo, social, ppc, email…you really have to integrate it all!

  • Great info. There are so many different ways to connect with customers and build your business through social media today. It’s a must for all businesses to include it in their business plans.

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