How To Sell Without Selling (Infographic)

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Ready to put your business on autopilot?

That’s right, selling doesn’t necessarily require constant aggressive marketing. You don’t have to sell to sell. Setting up a strategy for passive sales is an increasingly important aspect of marketing, and it doesn’t annoy customers like more aggressive tactics do.

Stride recently released a neat infographic about the topic, actually. It covers most of the bases (you can find them below), but I can point out the important bits for you, because I’m super nice and generous.

Here are some important notes on how to cater your products’ marketing so they sell themselves:

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Strong Colors

  • 85% of buyers say color is the primary reason they bought a specific product (Tweet this)
  • 93% of buyers say that visual appearance is very important to them when buying a product (Tweet this)
  • Black represents power, used for high end products
  • Orange can be aggressive, and creates a call-to-action
  • Red is energetic, and gives urgency to a product
  • Color increases brand awareness by 80% (Tweet this)

We at eZanga find color really interesting. See more here and here.

Appealing Website Design

  • 42% of shoppers’ opinions of a website depend on the site’s design (Tweet this)
  • 52% of buyers will not return to a poorly designed website (Tweet this)
  • 64% of visitors won’t buy anything if the website is too slow (Tweet this)
  • 10% won’t complete payment if the payment process is too long (Tweet this)

“The Good Cause Effect”

  • 50% of customers will pay more for a product if the company is philanthropic (Tweet this)
  • 60% of people say that buying products from socially responsible companies is important to them (Tweet this)
  • 91% of people are more likely to switch brands to one with a good cause (Tweet this)

Word Play

    • More than 50% of people will enter a store that has a SALE sign (Tweet this)
    • 60% of people are more likely to buy something if the word “guaranteed” is associated with it (Tweet this)
    • 90% of people say that positive reviews influence their decision to buy (Tweet this)
    • 25% of people are more likely to buy if they receive follow-up information (Tweet this)

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