Robert Griffin III’s Knee Surgery [Infographic]

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  • Dr Paul Peterson says:

    Nice graphic, however, you have your labels for the medial and lateral meniscus reversed. The fibula will always identify the lateral portion of the joint.

  • Dr Paul Peterson says:

    Pardon me, the medial and lateral collateral ligaments.

  • Richard royal says:

    Been watching NFL 5 Decades. Y a title B layne all early dallas QB
    F tarkening b Starr Marino Montana Unitas. RG3 magic now ball
    Handling defense who has ball! Back up middle, option fake full back
    Run left never get it, pitch quick laser pass middle quick throw out bounds
    When has extra 1 2 seconds loft vertical pass down field no step
    Up pocket. Option 3rd 3 yrs fafe option pitch IF HE GET 3 yrds out bounds
    Quick drop back pistol back blocks first defense in rg3 laser…or throw oob

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