Putting Cyber Monday into Perspective

Cyber Monday 2012 was the largest online sales day of all time topping off at $1.98 Billion according to the Adobe Digital Index. The shift to online even crept into Black Friday with online sales for the classic brick and mortar sales day approaching $1.3 Billion, bringing the combined total $3.28 Billion. While we can all tell this is huge, we can get a more perspective when you take into consideration that’s more than the annual profit of Fortune 500 companies Coca-Cola, CBS, Southwest Airlines, Xerox, Radioshack, Petsmart and JC Penny!

Beyond the epic size of total online sales was the huge growth Mobile played on Cyber Monday. YoY Mobile traffic increased nearly 70% and Paypal reported an increase of just under 200% from 2011. The resulting total for mobile was huge – $436 Million (up from $186 Million in 2011 ) – a number that’s greater than what small island nations like Micronesia and Palau bring in an entire year! The crazy part is how much of this was driven from only 2 devices, the iPhone and iPad, which represented approximately 66% of all Mobile sales.

Cyber Monday in Perspective [Infographic]From Broadband BLUE

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