Password Fatigue: Three in Five Adults Have Five or More Passwords

Managing your login information — it’s an interesting set of daily tasks, with an even more interesting set of ramifications on us as end users.

We’ve all been there…our Facebook and Twitter passwords may be the same, but we’re responsible adults, so our banking account password is something entirely different (probably has some numbers and uppercase letters in it), and our Instagram passwords are something a bit more easy to type when on the go.

According to the most recent ZoneAlarm infographic on login management, nearly 3 in 5 adults have 5 more unique passwords associated with their online logins. 30% of folks have 10 or more, and 8% of those surveyed have 21+ passwords to remember.

I can’t speak for everyone, but with my 5 – 10 different daily logins, my daily routine is often plagued with an ominous black cloud (more like an offwhite actually) of worry that I might completely forget one of them. The following infographic speaks volumes about the overarching trend of password fatigue and culminates with some good tips on handling a myriad of passwords:


Via ZoneAlarm

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