Are You Listening to the Voice of Your Audience?

Knowing what customers value and how they choose to interact with a brand is essential for any business nowadays.

A new infographic from Get Satisfaction, compiling data from, and, encourages company owners to seek out and act on customer feedback in order to engage shoppers and earn their loyalty. According to the data, going from a no-name brand to a company with a Voice of the Customer (VOC) culture implies a four-step process: Follow Up, Engage, Focus, and Act Upon.

Start by following up on feedback, whether positive or negative, and show your commitment to customers. However, don’t wait for customers to come to you – create a community, promote surveys and incentivize brand champions to spread the word. Next, extract actionable insights across all channels and finally, take action by turning customers into brand advocates. Take a look at the full infographic here:

Get Sat Customer Feedback

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  • As much as we want to talk more about money and less about our customers, these two factors are extremely related. Simply put, you cannot have money or profit without your customers. The good thing is that listening can go a long way. This may even result to repeat customers which means more money for you.

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