Kids Just Can’t Turn Off The TV

TV is a relatively new invention, in the scheme of things that is, but like the wheel and internet it has, and is having a huge impact on society today and the inheritors of the future, our children. Busy parents leave their kids to watch TV for much of the day; adverts are forced upon children who often spout the words ‘I want that’!

The infographic below has a range of statistics (some frightening) that might make you think twice about leaving the TV on all day! It also suggests a number of activities that you could do instead of sitting around turning into a couch potato!

National Tv Turnoff Week

National Tv Turnoff Week

You can regulate your child’s TV viewing with ever-improving security settings, even with cheap televisions. Please visit the Comet TV range for more details.

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  • Arndt says:

    Errm, hrs & min mixed up?
    Graphics & explaining text do not fit on #2 (Hrs per year = 1,680 mins) and #4 (numbers of minutes = 1,500 hrs)
    And why “numbers of mins per year” and “hours per years” – either “mins per year” or “numbers of hours per year” – or?

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