The Human Factor in Content Marketing (Infographic)

With so much focus on tools, techniques, metrics and optimization, it’s possible to lose sight of one of the most integral components of successful content marketing: people. Shouldn’t people at the center of what every content marketing activity should be about? Great content marketing can’t just be about the content. It’s ultimately a way to better connect with the folks who matter, putting them at the forefront of every content marketing decision you make. Check out this new infographic that will help shed some light on how to better connect with audiences and make your content marketing efforts more meaningful and effective.


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  • Justin Belmont says:

    Great infographic, Adam, and great article! Connecting with an audience is crucial to content marketing, and it can be hard to see what truly connects with the target consumers. This is why you need to keep assessing and reassessing the entire time you’re running a content marketing strategy…I try and take this into account all the time at

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