How To Reduce Your Home Heating Bill [Infographic]


With the average home now consuming almost 40% more electricity than it did in 1990, and with costs rising every year, it is imperative that we look at ways to cut our heating costs.

One of the biggest ways to save money is by ensuring our homes are correctly insulated. By not having insulation in roofs or attics we can lose around 30% of our home’s heat. We can also lose heat through our windows and walls, so check for any draughty areas and seal where possible. If double glazing is too expensive an outlay consider using special type of cling film available from most hardware stores. Make sure your water heater is inuslated with a thick jacket and line your curtains, preferably with thermal fabrics.

Installing a room thermostat can save you up to 15% on your home heating every year. Try turning down the thermostat half an hour before you are due to leave for work, as the house will take a while to cool down. Set the heating to switch off a short while before you go to bed so that the room will be warm whilst you are getting ready for bed but won’t be on unnecessarily once you’re snugly tucked up. We don’t need to have a warm bedroom, but if you do feel too cold why not invest in a few hot water bottles, and a pair of bed socks to keep your toes toasty? Always use the right tog duvet for the time of year, or consider buying all season quilts that can be joined together for extra warmth.

According to the Commission for Energy Regulation one of the best ways of saving money is by switching energy suppliers for both heating and cooking. Our infographic has more great ideas to help cut your costs.


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