How Steel Changed The World [Infographic]


Did you know that steel is currently the most important metal alloy being intensively used on the entire planet? We use it for almost everything, such as machinery, tools or construction.  And these are just a few examples. However, its use is restricted to certain applications because of the technical advantages that other materials can offer today. We learned how to find alternatives, even if the metal alloy has to be mixed with these other materials. This way, steel can be available for a long time! Nevertheless, the metal is by far the most superior substance against other leagues. The metal’s properties can vary according to the chemical composition and carbon content, ensuring a wide variety of practical applications.

Steel is composed of iron and carbon and, today, it’s common to talk about iron and steel and if they were the same thing, but chemical and historically they are very different products. What matters the most, however, are the numbers: currently, we are producing over 1500 million tons of steel per year, worldwide. And guess who the main “culprit” is… You might have guessed that: China! Alongside with India, these two Asian countries have caused a massive increase in demand for steel in the last years.

Between 2000 and 2005, the global request for steel increased by 6 percent, for instance. That being said, the steel industry is often considered as an indicator of economic progress, because of the crucial role that the metal plays in the global infrastructure and economic development. So, we guess we can thank to the Industrial Revolution that allowed us to transform the world. Thanks to this amazing and polyvalent metal alloy, today we can drive our car, live in a big building, go to a multi-storey hotel and do so many other things. No wonder steel is the star of our latest infographic!


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