How Hosted PBX and Virtual PBX Systems Work to Cut Business Phone Expenses [Infographic]

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  • Nice infographic, the only issue I have is that the “virtual PBX” is put in the cloud. This is not technically accurate. While virtual PBX systems could be in a “cloud” (just another buzz word for “clustered”/highly reliable environment) I would not necessarily label it as such because this technology and topology has been in use by carriers since the 70’s. In the case of Hosted PBX the connectivity from the endpoint and the PBX are in “a” cloud (could be a private network via VPN/pt-2-pt connectivity or the internet). In some cases the connectivity from the PBX to the PSTN can also be in the cloud, but this is not necessarily the case for larger providers and in most cases this is not something the user notices. (Well, “they may”- it increases the risk of security and quality issues if not configured properly)

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