Here’s How 200 Small Businesses Would Spend a Gift of $5000 During the Holidays

Financial prep software company Intuit recently asked 200 small business owners what they would do with $5000. The survey elicited the worries of small business owners as a result, and when asked about the number one thing about your business that keeps you up at night, 41% of respondents said “Paying my bills” kept them tossing and turning. Only 24% of business owners noted “growing my business” as a concern, with 15% of respondents noting “keeping customers happy” as a concern of theirs.

Even with those break downs in mind, close to 27% respondents noted they would spend their $5000 on Marketing Materials, with another 20% of respondents spending the money on Operating Costs and Equipment.

Here’s a complete look at one of the toughest seasons of the year for small businesses, and of course, how they would spend a gift of $5,000 to help them get through the last quarter of the year:

Infographic by Intuit

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