Google Penguin: Its Impact Over Time [Infographic]

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  • Very nicely created infographic and summarised information. Information is very useful. Being an Internet Marketing and SEO expert i have found it very useful.Thanks :)

  • After the release of the latest Penguin update, I didn’t find any infographic created on all 5 of them taken together. So, I thought of bringing all of them together… and putting some basic information with each one of them. And these days, there is nothing better at presenting information than an infographic, isn’t it?

  • Every Google search engine algorithm that is released, has created tension in the mind of SEO experts. Their nights has gone into days fixing the SEO Black hat techniques to improve the SEO. The penguin update was grand of all, and it was a nightmare to SEO experts who used the black hat techniques. They had to answer to the clients whose SEO went down in a single day. But all in all it was good for the customers for getting relevant content.

  • With every new update in Goggle’s Search Engine algorithm, there is tension in the SEO experts. For SEO experts who used black hat techniques to improve their search engine rating, it was a nightmare. Google Penguin Update was the grand daddy of all. But at the end, it will turn out to be good for the users, who wants relevant content.

  • Yes, exactly. While Penguin has been forcing Webmasters to use the white-hat SEO tactics, the introduction of Hummingbird clearly showed that Google has started focusing on producing more relevant and user-friendly content in the result pages. So whatever struggle that is happening now… it’s only for a better future. No one should lose hope!

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