Five Years of Bitcoin [infographic]


The world’s most famous virtual currency has recently surpassed the $1,000 barrier, an amount already considered very high for a unit of digital value, according to some experts.

However, this growth can increase in a significant way with time and as long as more merchants accept the digital coin. At least that was the opinion recently revealed by the Bitcoin entrepreneur Cameron Winklevoss, one of the twin brothers who fought against Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook. In a recent conversation with users of the social platform Reddit, Cameron said the currency could exceed the value of $ 40,000 per unit.

Five years after the rise of Bitcoin, he is just one of the investors that strongly believe in the growth of the famous cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, the Winklevii are just two members of the Bitcoin club – well, two members that supposedly own one percent of all the coins out there –, which is now composed of several new crypto-millionaires who saw an amazing opportunity in this new technology.

Since 2008, these entrepreneurs have been taking all the chances and boosting Bitcoin’s adoption and, now, five years after the release of the original white paper that created the cryptocurrency, it’s possible to say the community is on the right path.

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According to Cameron, the capitalization of Bitcoin will eventually create a global market of 400 billion dollars, which will make each coin worth $40,000. But he is aiming for the stars: the Winklevoss twin (and probably his brother) believes that this value can be even higher. “When will it happen, if it happens, I don’t know. But if it actually materializes, will probably be much faster than anyone imagines”, he concluded.

Let’s wait and see if he is right. Such a value and powerful market could mean that Bitcoin would get a new role in the world’s economy.


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