Entrepreneurial Tips to Enhance Your Virtual Assistant’s Performance

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  • Great infographic! Managers also need to set the right focus and give continuous feedback to their virtual assistants often. Since you have to talk to these types of employees through a device, not face-to-face, it can be harder to get your point across. So, it’s important to regularly coach them so that they are always on task and can get the job done without the typical obstacles so many remote employees have.

  • Francis says:

    What I find extremely important is to not only train you assistant but insist that whatever skill you train your assistant, he writes down.

    In other words, for each skill your assistant masters, he is required to write a summary and a ‘How to’ manual for you to use later.

    If you want to expand your team or simply change your virtual assistant, you’ll have all the training materials right there at your fingertips.

    That’s the most important tip I can add to this already great list :)

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