Empower Your Employees to Be the Best Online Brand Advocates

When social media was beginning, the top companies were hiring Social Media Managers left and right to create their brand’s online reputation. Now this role has become 50% less popular as companies are seeing that potential customers are more likely to trust employee posts than brand posts. Companies are now redistributing resources to educate employees on what the brand is all about and reward the ones who are the best ambassadors through their social networks. Get Satisfaction has compiled a great guideline for companies seeking to grow their social brand through empowering insider advocates in the infographic below.

When an employee loves his/her job and speaks highly of it on their social networks, that brand is going to instantly become more like-able. Customers trust reviews from an employee or customer in their network 70% of the time versus 15% from a company’s posts. The employees who make the best brand ambassadors know what makes their brand stand out, understand the brand’s promise, and respond to and effectively resolve customer issues, but only 41% of employees feel confident in these areas. Education is key. When your employees understand your mission, they will be enthusiastic to share that knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious.


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