Customer Service can Make or Break a Company [Infographic]

It’s probably no surprise that 80 percent of companies claim they offer “superior customer service.” Only about eight percent of customers agreed with them. Providing quality service tends to get more difficult as a company grows in size. Poor customer service is costly—it results in an estimated $83 billion loss in sales. Companies need to understand that 86 percent of consumers will pay more for better customer service—and 89 percent of consumers will begin doing business with a competitor as a result of experiencing poor customer service. Offering quality service can be a competitive advantage that translates into increased sales and greater customer loyalty.

Existing customers are easier to sell and cheaper to retain. Increasing customer retention by just five percent can increase profitability by 75 percent. “The person who helped me was nice.” “They did not pass me around.” “The problem was resolved quickly.” These are the types of comments companies should want to hear from their customers. Half of consumers give a brand only one week to respond to a question before they stop doing business with them. Happy, efficient employees who genuinely care about problems brought up by customers will ultimately lead to happier customers.

To learn more about the amazing importance of offering quality customer service, check out the infographic below.

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  • James H. says:

    Cool infographic, Brian! You’re absolutely right. The ways you handle customer service will ultimately be the deciding factor of whether you will stay in business or not.

    Samsung is a good (and bad) example. Their poor customer service resulted in turning a brand ambassador into their worst nightmare. You can learn more about the incident here:

    This just goes to show it doesn’t matter how large or small your company is. If you have poor customer service strategies, they will haunt you for a long, long while.

  • Brian Wallace says:

    Appreciate your feedback, James. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing your article.

  • Sarah @ Sprout Social says:

    Thanks for posting this, Brian! I’m a huge advocate of great customer support. I think treating each and every customer like they’re VIP creates a culture of brand advocates. They become lifelong customers and rally behind you when others have issues. Plus, isn’t it just easier (for everyone) to be helpful and kind anyways?

  • Brian Wallace says:

    Sure thing Sarah – you are correct that people should just be helpful. Not sure why that’s such a profound concept for people :)

  • Shep Hyken says:

    This would be a good infographic to print out and hang up for every employee to see. It makes the case for customer service. However, making the case doesn’t mean the employees will deliver. That still takes training and more. And understanding the importance and power of customer service is great place to start.

  • Brian Wallace says:

    Thanks Shep! Would you like a copy?

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