Customer Service can Make or Break a Company [Infographic]

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  • Cool infographic, Brian! You’re absolutely right. The ways you handle customer service will ultimately be the deciding factor of whether you will stay in business or not.

    Samsung is a good (and bad) example. Their poor customer service resulted in turning a brand ambassador into their worst nightmare. You can learn more about the incident here:

    This just goes to show it doesn’t matter how large or small your company is. If you have poor customer service strategies, they will haunt you for a long, long while.

  • Thanks for posting this, Brian! I’m a huge advocate of great customer support. I think treating each and every customer like they’re VIP creates a culture of brand advocates. They become lifelong customers and rally behind you when others have issues. Plus, isn’t it just easier (for everyone) to be helpful and kind anyways?

  • Sure thing Sarah – you are correct that people should just be helpful. Not sure why that’s such a profound concept for people :)

  • This would be a good infographic to print out and hang up for every employee to see. It makes the case for customer service. However, making the case doesn’t mean the employees will deliver. That still takes training and more. And understanding the importance and power of customer service is great place to start.

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