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Characteristics of Successful Managers [Infographic]

Some say “money talks.” But a psychological work place study conducted last year, reveals otherwise. Only 35% of those surveyed claimed that they would choose having a better boss over earning higher pay. Indeed, many American employees feel under-appreciated and unmotivated, with their bosses left to blame.

This infographic from Pepperdine University’s MBA Online, provides a comprehensive list for employers to learn what employees find favorable in their bosses. And with 60% of American employees stating they’d work harder if they had a better relationship with their bosses, business owners and supervisors should take serious note.

Do you agree with these findings? Let me know in the comments below!

Characteristics of Successful Managers [Infographic] image successful manager3

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  1. To be a manager, you don’t just have to be the smart type. You should take the lead and guide your people. If a manager can’t handle and treat his employees right then it safe to say he’s not worthy of the role. Nice infographics here. :)

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