Businesses are Lagging Behind Their Customers in the Digital Age

social media1 Businesses are lagging behind their Customers in the Digital AgeRecent stats show that those marketers spend less than 20% of their marketing budgets on social media which includes the outreach to target audience on social sites, advertising and maintaining a social media presence.

Most marketers have or plan to increase their budgets for social media marketing by up to 25% in 2012.

Content marketing has established as a powerful way to engage customers in social media. An increasing number of B2C and B2B marketer are faced with the challenge to produce and publish buyer persona oriented interesting and remarkable content to attract customers on the web and in social media to their products and services.

The most popular channel to share content is social media. About 76% of marketers say they used a social network as the main channel for content distribution.

Successful companies use every possible communication channel to get in touch with their target audience. They are interested in what their recent and future customers are thinking and communicating about them.

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This communication ability helps them to better understand and to serve their audience, which sets them apart from their competition and gives them wide advantages in their business field.

Businesses which are willing to communicate with their audience in blogs and social media show that they care about the people who spend their money with them.

Businesses which avoid an open and authentic communication in blogs and social media show exactly the opposite. Why should the customer than care about to make any further business with them?

Successful businesses in B2C and B2B have embraced the wide opportunities which blogs and social media offers to them to spread the word and to reach their audience where there are around.

Infographic: How Brands Listen in the Digital Age

How Brands Can Listen in the Digital Age full1 Businesses are lagging behind their Customers in the Digital Age

inbound marketing assessment us Businesses are lagging behind their Customers in the Digital Age

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  • Jay says:

    Good post, and if your doing business online social media is crucial to any businesses success.

    In one way or another 9 out of 10 Internet users have a social media site of some sort, like Facebook for example.

    If your not tapping into social media in 2012, your really leaving a lot of potential money on the table.

  • Hello Jay, this is valid for B2C and for B2B as well ;)

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