Bob’s Burgers Restaurant Valued At $796,446 (Infographic)

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  • SO INTERESTING! :) Isn’t Bob’s Burgers his dad’s old place? Could that possibly add the factor that it may be rent controlled, which is why Mr Fischoeder is so eager to kick them out? Hmm.

  • The show centers on the Belcher family, who run a hamburger restaurant on Ocean Avenue in an indeterminate New Jersey shore town, according to series creator Loren Bouchard- Wikipedia
    Ocean City, NJ does fit the show best.

    • Actually, in the episode Claire mentioned, “It Snakes a Village” they are seen driving from New Jersey to Florida. However, the car is driving from central NJ; right around where I live and I grew up in the town over from where John Roberts, aka, Linda lived/lives (he’s from Edison). Ocean City is WAY too far south from where they’re driving from, so it’s most like the Keansburg area that they’re from. Also…it’s a made up show, so they’re in a made up town in NJ, but it’s central NJ.

  • They serve beer at Bobs Burgers (as shown in the biker gang episode) and Ocean City, NJ is a dry town (meaning it prohibits the sale of alcohol).

    • The show isn’t exactly set in Ocean City, but the town it IS set in would most closely resemble Ocean City. Property values would probably be worth more in a city like the one in Bob’s Burgers than a dry town, or maybe less depending who you talk to, but I’d say it’s safe to say that this would be an accurate take.

  • Yes, it can’t be Ocean City because of the drinks. Normally, I wouldn’t be so nitpicky but the amount of this article’s details is awesomely amazing!!

  • Hey, thanks for reposting this from the blog. :) And really nice to read all the kind comments (Yeah, I ignored the dry county thing because all the other research went the way of ocean city. But SERIOUSLY nice catch, guys!)

  • It couldnt be OC jersey.OC Jersey is a dry county and Bob sells beer in his restaurant. So its DEF.NOT IN OCNJ

  • In the biker episode Linda is reading an “Oceanside Times” newspaper. So maybe not Ocean City, but close.

  • As someone else stated, OC is a dry town. Being a lifelong resident of NJ’s beach towns, both central and south, I always thought the show had a very Coney Island feel to it. Plus everyone in South Jersey has either no accent or a Philly accent, i.e. “Home” sounds like “Hewm.”

  • Hes NOT swying IT IS ocean city new jersey. He stated that IF it were to be a city. Ocean city fits the criteria best out of all. Duh

  • Bobs Burgers cannot be in Ocean City NJ for two reasons. First, there is no cruise ship dock within walking distance of Ocean City, as seen on the episode where there crazy cruise ship captain kidnaps them. And secondly, in the season three premiere it is clearly shown that Bobs has beer on the menu, yet Ocean City is a dry town.

  • You’re forgetting how Bob and his family got the place to begin with, they wouldn’t just be given a house/business and be expected to make payments. They’d put down a downpayment. If they’re renting to own (which is what it seems, no mortgage from a bank–working with landlord Fischeoder who seems to skip the families payments often for doing off the books services) they likely gave Fischeoder a huge downpayment, more than the usual 20% I would wager, but if Fischeoder had trouble with the abandoned shop losing equity he may have allowed Bob to skate by with the usual downpayment, so Bob really owes around 640k which over thirty years makes his rent around 2k per month. This is private financing where Mr F often lets the family skip payments. At the same time the stand needs a business licence and probably a business loan, which the shady Mr. F probably want’s a piece of. The store is probably planning to lose money for a while before the turn around, when the business loan is paid back slower than the personal property loan between Bob and Mr F. Not counting private loans between Bob and his dad, or the money his family got for all sorts of reasons to feel the confidence in starting the business.

    Realistically, a lot of the buisness loan was used up in renovations and re-re-openings as well as defered payments to Mr. F (skip a month, owe 4k next month plus extra services under the table or perhaps even interest.) Unless Mr. F is planning on insurance scams, he probably wants to lean off Bob as the business loan dries up, right when the shop turns their losses into profits by finally having enough customers and all the equipment finally paying itself off. Bob clearly doesn’t work only 8 hours a day, and grabs various opportunities (like the thanksgiving episode)when they come, has a biker gang he once completely took care of and got a massive tip for servicing, and so on. I think while Mr. Fischeoder clearly has taken advantage, and the family is unlucky, their financial situation isn’t unreasonable or overbearing, it’s just more contingent than on-paper perfect economics (which doesn’t really exist in the real world), maybe if Bob saves Mr. F’s life, he can own the restaurant in only 15 years, and so on.

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