Best Colors for New Brands

When it comes to creating a brand image, your color choice represents one of the most powerful and telling features of your brand.  Think about all the iconic brands that you know, and then see if you can identify their brand color scheme.  More often than not, your mental image of each brand will involve a dominant color, a statement that makes them stand out from the rest.  This type of brand recognition is achieved through consistency and repetition.  When the same color scheme is used in all aspects of brand marketing, your audience will identify specific colors with your brands.  But what are the best colors for new brands?

colors for new brands

As with anything else, tastes change over time; thus, colors that worked 10 or 20 years ago won’t necessarily work now when it comes to launching a new brand.  It’s important to be aware of the latest trends in color and design – but don’t fall into the trap of being too trendy.  When you choose your colors, you need to make sure that they are not going to look dated in a short amount of time.  Don’t go with something just because it is popular and hot.  Take your time and choose colors that are contemporary but will still look fresh as time goes by.

See what colors are in vogue in the world of fashion and design.  That should be your starting point.  From there, you should look for the colors that speak to you about your brand and convey the image that you’d like to project.  Determine what works best for your brand and be prepared to be consistent whenever you are marketing your product or service.  That’s the only way you will be able to create a true brand identity.

Some of the best new colors out there right now are emerald green, tangerine, dark blues, bright reds and a muted jade.  Each color has a different feel and makes a statement about your company, so it’s imperative that you know what kind of emotion you are trying to convey.  Emerald green has a classic and regal feel, and would work well for financial institutions or law firms.  Tangerine is warm and exciting, and would work best with non-traditional businesses in ecommerce or technology.  Dark blues are solid and comforting, colors that work well in the context of health care.  Bright reds are energetic and bold, and they are the best choices for brands that cater to a younger audience.  Muted jade is comforting and cool, and it is best reserved for businesses that cater to relaxation, such as spas and resorts.

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While these colors offer ideas for your own brand identity, bear in mind that you are definitely not limited to the colors listed here.  Check out ColourLovers, where you can view the latest user-submitted color palettes to discover new color hues that might be perfect for your brand.  When you explore new color palettes, keep in mind that the colors you choose will become who you are.  It’s an important decision that should not be taken lightly.  Once you decide on a color scheme, embrace it and use it wisely.  The best color choices will help you build an identity with your audience and give them a sense of who you are as a brand – and can have a direct and powerful impact on your long-term success.

What colors do you think are the best for new brands?

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