Why & How to become a Learning Organisation

As a business owner, you would want your employees to develop skills that allow them to understand the goals and objectives of various projects and handle them such that the projects proceed smoothly, from conception right through completion. To train your project managers, for providing them with the skills necessary for heading and steering the project smoothly and successfully, you must aim to become a Learning Organisation.

What is a learning Organisation?

According to Peter Senge, the author of the Fifth Discipline, a learning organisation is one where people continually expand their capacities to create the results that they wish to achieve. In such an organisation, new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, collective aspiration is set free, and people are always learning how to learn together.

Here are the key features of a learning organisation

  • In a learning organisation, information is shared and is easily accessible to one and all.

  • People are expected to learn constantly. Learning is an on-going, never-ending process in a learning organisation.

  • A learning organisation puts a lot of emphasis and value on learning and motivates and inspires its people to learn.

  • In the course of learning, if people make any mistake, they are not punished. In a learning organisation mistakes and failures are not reprimanded.

What do learning organisations do?

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Learning organisations believe in continuous learning. They invest in trainings, and programs for continually upgrading the skills of their employees. Changing business world demands core competencies. There is a need for continuous upgrading of the skills. Continuous learning helps improve the services and effectiveness of the organisation, resulting in improved employee productivity, better customer service, higher profit margin, increased sales and ROI.

A learning organisation promotes, facilitates and rewards collective learning. It makes sure that people are willing to learn and are always learning together.

Learning organisations integrate evaluation into all aspects of organisational and program planning and implementation.

Learning Organisations enjoy several benefits. The top benefits are:

  • Free Flow of Information

  • Innovation

  • Appreciation of employees’ ideas and perspectives

  • Ability to attract and retain the best talent

  • Improved social interaction and interpersonal skills in employees

  • Improved sense of ownership and appreciation amongst employees

  • Better personal skills and qualities

How can you become a learning organisation?

If you wish to be a learning organisation, you must adhere to the following golden rules:

  • Encourage experimentation throughout the company and reward individual input

  • Thrive on change. Be focussed and committed and know your objectives and business plans

  • Reward learning. Boost employee morale by rewarding them. You must set benchmarks for performance appraisal.

  • Facilitate your employees to learn from each other. Encourage participation and experimentation and remove any sort of hierarchy. It is advisable to invest in training programs.

  • Encourage learning from your surrounding. Recognise internal and external sources of learning and information and learn from them.

  • Communicate success and failure to your employees.

  • Discuss customer needs to help your employees work towards achieving company goals and objectives.

Be a learning organisation and take your organisation on the pinnacle of success.



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