Beating Internet Downtime: Keep Your Cash Registers Ringing [Infographic]

Few things can be as frustrating for businesses as dealing with a shoddy Internet connection. Internet outages happen in a variety of ways that can’t be controlled: construction accidents, severe weather, traffic accidents, heavy network congestion and outage at ISP/backbone. Almost every business experiences outages—and your business is no exception. Some 42 percent of businesses experience annual downtime of four hours; 20 percent deal with it for up to 24 hours; and four percent face it for up to 72 hours. Just a little more than half of midsize companies can only tolerate less than one hour of downtime for the most mission-critical data and applications.

When outages happen, they can disrupt vital business applications, including POS, time and attendance, inventory management, CRM, loyalty programs and online ordering. When your Point of Sale (POS) is down, not only do you lose revenue but you upset and frustrate your existing customers. On average, every minute of POS downtime costs the retailer $4,700. After 2.5 minutes, customers become frustrated if there is no progress in line. Nearly half of customers avoid a retailer or brand in the future if they have to wait any longer than five minutes.

A fast, affordable 3G/4G connection can maximize uptime. In today’s world, an intelligent, cost-effective solution is necessary—and it can be achieved by managing and blending the primary wired connection with a wireless 3G/4G connection. 3G/4G failover plans cost as little as $20 per month, with low setup costs. Compared to a T1 line, combining Cable or DSL service with a 3G/4G failover plan gives you greater reliability, higher speeds, lower install costs, shorter install time and lower monthly fees.

4G is growing rapidly, making it a more viable alternative for businesses. Most importantly, it enhances the customer experience. To learn more, take a look at the infographic below presented by

The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers [infographic]
The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers [infographic]
compliments of Retail Customer Experience.

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