Amazing Facts and Statistics about Visual Web (Infographic)

2013 was a year of selfies, pins, memes, and other image-related materials that spread like wildfire across the social media plain. Many thought this would just be a fleeting trend but the current social media atmosphere says otherwise. This relentless online activity of visual self-publication has gone beyond “fad” mode and into the mainstream, a fact that made business owners and digital marketers take a closer and more comprehensive look into the great potential the visual web offers.

The power of the Visual Web should not be a surprise. Humans are indeed visual creatures and process pictures and images better and faster than mere scrolls or lines of text. That’s why image-focused social media sites are starting to catch up and are actually gaining more popularity than more established social networks. Just take Pinterest for example, which gained more monthly usage than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ combined. The table below on average time spent by an American user in these sites shows how Pinterest dominates the rest in terms of usage:

Social Network

Average Time Spent


1 hour 17 minutes


36 minutes


17 minutes


6 minutes

The fact that the Visual Web is growing more popular and more powerful just can’t be ignored and major social networks know this. Many thought Pinterest was just a fad until this fastest growing social sites was giving other networks a run for their money, and major investors started pouring in. Facebook has taken the cue and bought Instagram for a billion bucks, which many thought was a ridiculous move, until Yahoo made the same move in acquiring Tumblr for even more than that amount.

These social media giants are seeing the power of the Visual Web and what its implications are regarding the future of the Internet. Join us as we explore more amazing facts, figures and statistics about how this phenomenon is shaping and shaking the online world.

The infographic (click to zoom):

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