A Look at How Little Customers Care About Your Customer Surveys

The folks at Zendesk have put out a visual study about Opinion Burn Out — the idea that customers may be getting increasingly sick of the surveys companies are pushing on them.

The results of the study remained interesting though, as it is estimated that American adults are invited to take surveys 7 billion times each year, with 24% of respondents indicating they were asked to take part in more surveys this year than in previous years. It’s a tough gig for companies looking to elicit quality feedback from their customers and potential customers, as “surveying” has often been paired with a traditionally negative stigma as a result of slimier pay-per-question type initiatives that have plagued the underbelly of the web for years.

But for those looking to get a good grasp about what people think about customer surveys before delving into their own, here’s a good look at the current feelings directed at the tactic:

Infographic by Zendesk

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  • Laura says:

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