A Decade of Data Breach – Your Personal & Professional Identity At Risk [Infographic]

stop-smiley-150x150Your Personal Data
Has A Bad Habit
Of Roaming Off…

Each year, the amount of data that is stored online about our lives grows…

And so too does the damage done by increasingly savvy hacking tools leading to a breach of the safety measures a site may be using.

You likely still remember the trouble that hit the Department of Veterans Affairs, or T.J. Maxx Credit Cards, or the Sony Playstation network!

And that’s only the “big name” attacks and doesn’t include the much more recent LinkedIn hacking and more!

All of this is the tip of the iceberg of problems that lead me to recommend a LegalShield Identity Theft Protection package to my coaching and consulting clients.

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Majority of internet marketers are HIGHLY at risk because of how much data we bring online for the sake of building a business out here.

Just how much data gets leaked every year though?

Check out this useful infographic from the idExperts team:


And as I said, that’s just the “big stuff” and doesn’t include many of the attacks that have directly affected those of us in internet marketing!

If you’re operating with a good, highly affordable, legal plan and identity theft monitoring and repair plan, you’re unfortunately sitting duck for stuff like this.

Many internet marketers fail to treat their business as a business and skimp on important things like this (often while throwing money weekly at new “shiny objects” that they will either never use or will be out of date before they even get started.

Be sure you treat your business as a business and have both a legal plan and an identity theft monitoring plan in place to protect you, your assets, and your business from inevitable data breaches such as these.

Take care of your business and do the smart things to avoid losing it all to the bad guys!

PS: Don’t put this off like you might be tempted to do. That’s exactly what leads to you being unprotected when it happens. Do it this week and you can thank me later :)

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