7 Tips To Instagram Photos That Will Get You More Likes (Infographic)

7 Tips to Instagram Photos That Get More Likes [Infographic]

Instagram has quickly become a very popular social media. The site already has over 150 million users. Businesses need to get on this network and share photos too. It’s not just enough if you just post photos on Facebook, as if you haven’t heard, young users are leaving it. And one of the reasons as pointed out by this TIME article, by Victor Luckerson, is that people now prefer using different networks for different purposes and not just using Facebook for everything. Teenagers are using Twitter for statuses, Instagram for photos and spreading their activities across various networks.

Last week I shared the infographic on How to Use Google+ for Business as I haven’t written much about Google+ on this blog. Therefore this week I am sharing with you an infographic, on Instagram, another network I haven’t really written anything about on this site, except for the infographic on How to Thrive on Social Media With Images.

From this infographic, by Curalate, you will learn what types of images get the most ‘Likes’ on Instagram and you can use the tips to take photos with similar qualities to build your presence…

7 Tips to Instagram Photos That Will Get You More Likes [Infographic]

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Infographic Credit: Curalate

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Are you using Instagram to promote your business? What photo qualities bring you the best results? Please leave your comments below.

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