50 Incredible Natural Phenomena [Infographic]

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You can always trust yourself that you will see new worlds from old places, and that’s why you go to old places in Rome and in Jamaica and land in Oslo to read Annie Proulx books because you want to confirm that trust. People travel to find books of J.D. Salinger or go to a beach near where Marilyn Monroe once lost her love. People travel the world to see space and space out, and be in the zone of zen that asks no whys. It’s easy to be tempted, too, of the beauty of what you don’t know and that’s why you go to places you’re scared of experiencing and places where you’re out of touch with yourself.

 The earth is more than just Taj Mahal and man-made landscapes that collapse and depress and disappoint and recur. The world is a miasma of phenomena, of interests, of chaos. If you believe that chaos comes out through beauty and beauty can’t be anything other than derivative of disorder, then you are a traveller, a backpacker, a guy who orders latte and keeps the cup. You believe in the grandeur of the world, its rich leniency to sympathize with mankind, its stellar assets, its space. You are made to believe that your universe is a cubicle and your travel stick is a stapler. You are left to hope nothing but the next pay. That is all not what the earth is made for and you are not that which the earth is not making you be. So read this infographic and set yourself free.


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