40 Social Media Acronyms You Should Know (Infographic)

Whether you’re dabbling in social media or making a career out of it, there’s a language among us social media geeks that you’ve probably heard bellowed down the halls of Facebook, and babbled in Twitter chats.

While there are probably hundreds or more of social media acronyms out there, we’re going to focus on 40 social media acronyms we think you should know.

40 Social Media Marketing Acronyms 40 Social Media Acronyms You Should Totally Know [Infographic]

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40 Social Media Acronyms

  1. API = Application Programing Interface
  2. B2B = Business to Business
  3. B2C = Business to Consumer
  4. CMGR = Community Manager
  5. CPC = Cost Per Click
  6. CTA = Call To Action
  7. CTR = Click-Through Rate
  8. CX= Customer Experience
  9. ESP = Email Service Provider
  10. G+ = Google Plus
  11. GA = Google Analytics
  12. FB = Facebook
  13. FTW = For the win!
  14. DM = Direct Message
  15. IG = Instagram
  16. ISP = Internet Service Provider
  17. KPI = Key Performance Indicator
  18. LI = LinkedIn
  19. P2P = Person to Person
  20. PPC = Pay Per Click
  21. PV = Pageviews
  22. ROI = Return on Investment
  23. RSS = Really Simple Syndication
  24. RT = Retweet
  25. RTD = Real-Time Data
  26. Saas = Service As A Software
  27. SEM = Search Engine Marketing
  28. SEO = Search Engine Optimization
  29. SERP = Search Engine Results Page
  30. SM = Social Media
  31. SMB = Small Business
  32. SMM = Social Media Marketing
  33. SMO = Social Media Optimization
  34. SMP = Social Media Platform
  35. SOV = Share of Voice
  36. TOS = Terms of Service
  37. UGC = User Generated Content
  38. UV = Unique Visitor
  39. UX = User Experience
  40. WOM = Word of Mouth

Are there any acronyms we missed that you’d add? Let us know in the comments section below!

See you in the social sphere!

Comments: 4

  • Daphne says:

    Saas (#26) should be Software as a Service.

  • Brooke Ballard (@madSMscientist) says:

    Thanks for pointing out the small typo, Daphe. I’ll be sure to correct it.

  • solange says:

    Nothing particularly social (or new) about this list. These are terms any modern marketer who has dabbled in online marketing should know by now.

    • Brooke Ballard (@madSMscientist) says:

      Thanks for your input, Solange. However, I never said they were “new” – just that you should totally know them if you’re working in SMM. So I completely agree with you – peeps should know them by now (hence the title).

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