20 Amazing Marketing Statistics That Will Drive 2014 (Infographic)

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  • Ashley James says:

    from a financial analyst point of view, i think social media trend will decline in favor of messaging apps such as wechat and whatsapp. This trend is also seen in company stocks


  • Elizabeth Armenta says:

    I do think a big reason for the doubling of social media budgets is Facebook’s new algorithms. You have to pay to get seen now, so that necessitates a major budget adjustment.

  • James West says:

    This is a great infographic and there’s plenty of interesting facts here. 50% of companies now having a content marketing strategy is a big one.

    I found lots of other fantastic resources for my content strategy in 2014 here – http://www.contenthero.co.uk/content-marketing-in-2014-essential-resources-for-marketers/. In fact, a few of your pieces are included.

    The bottom line is that more companies than ever before are starting to see the value of content. I’ve seen an increase in the amount of digital agencies changing their tact to accommodate content, rather than link building, focusing heavily on on-page SEO, etc.

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