120 Marketing Tactics For Your Blog (Infographic)

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  • This is an amazing resource!! Now I’m going to ask what I suspect many people will want to know – when are you going to give us a printable version? This is so full of information that I would like to have a printout at my desk. Otherwise? Brilliant.

  • The abundance of marketing advice is overwhelming! Thank you. And what’s amazing is, overtime when these cultures of social media change, so do the tactics. It’s important to always be prepared for change, and what’s new today might be old tomorrow.

  • I agree with the comments above, astonishing amount of useful information! The tips are simple yet very informative, and pay attention to all the details. I am sure a lot of us who are involved in content marketing and social media have been waiting for an infographic that covers pretty much everything for a long time!

  • Rhonda, I totally agree with you. Its an outstanding collection of resources I must say. Pam, your article is too fascinating and no doubt informative too.Its been said that a content whether its blog or an article one needs to be relevant, informative and eye catchy, Your content has a blend of all. I am sure everyone here will agree to me.

  • Your 5 steps are spot on advice, but I have a comment on the infographic. The author of the infographic has gone to great lengths to gather up 120 excellent ideas for building out a new blog or website, for that we thank him. In an effort to communicate this information more succinctly and rapidly, he went on to create what he calls an infographic. The purpose of an infographic to graphically display a story. Extensive imagery is used to help quickly convey the main messages while light copy is used to communicate the supporting messages. Font treatments and color are used to identify importance and to help guide the readers eyes through the maze of data contained in the story. Not all stories are suited for an infographic–this is one such story. Here is an example of a good infographic. Remember, a picture is worth a thousands words, but a thousand words do not make an infographic.

  • Wow!!! Lots and lots of useful information here, I will save it as a bookmark for reference, thank you so much. To add a bit to this, it is important that you don’t try and create a blog that suits such a wide target audience that you are unable to show specialism on the onset. Start with a very specific target audience, gain readership and then you can think about expanding.

  • Great tips! It’s also wise to keep maintaining your online reputation as one of your primary goals. Overlooking the negative comments people are writing about your company could backfire any potential progress you have in starting your blog.

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