12-Point Checklist For A Powerful Brand Identity [Infographic]

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  • Congratulations on a lovely checklist – especially as its all graphics! I came across it when scouring the net for good, quality checklists.

    It would be fantastic if you would be willing to put your checklist on Checklistables.com. We are on a mission to create the largest repository of quality checklists in the world and we would like you to be one of its checklist creators. It’s free to add and you can link back to your personal website/profile (if you have one?).

    Alternatively, if you’re a bit busy at the moment, we could do it for you as long as you give us the green light and the email address you want to be registered with on the website. Just reply or drop me an email at Joanna@CheckListables.com to let me know.

  • Also always have someone always proofread your communications! Unless you are writing for the U.K.,the spelling is recognizable for #8 on your checklist.

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